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The purpose of this site is twofold. First, my love of making beats has inspired me to share with the world the product of that love, just as many others have.


Also, my passion for doing this has also inspired me to want to help inspiring artists and talent to really strive in the business by sharing simple yet effective educational and business resources.


Producer Profile

As an up and coming producer, Skilz4milz Muzik is about the love of music and taking that love to create a product that both helps aspiring artist in their endeavors and also contribute to a form of art that helps shapes moods and memories.


Skilz first got into music production about 9 years ago when he discovered the world of DAWS.  Since then he has practiced his trade as a hobby and for personal use.  It wasn't until he felt that he was ready to offer his beats to world that he decided to go that course.  Combining his entrepreneurial spirit with his love for music is the perfect marriage.  


Having many influences, musical likes and listening preferences he tries to offer a little bit of that versatility in all of his music.  Skilz just tries to have fun with his unique sound and doesn't try to follow the crowd. 


Our niche is mainly trying to help upcoming and coming artists by providing competitively priced beats but also providing access to services that will help you in your music journey. 


It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from...it's all about the muzik!

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