Music Business Tips: Stitches Brick In Yo Face - Riding Trends
Music Business Tips: Stitches Brick In Yo Face - Riding Trends
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 Apr 11 2020    22:05 PM
Music Business Tips: Stitches Brick In Yo Face - Riding Trends I've never heard of Stitches up until yesterday when a music supervisor contacted me asking if I could supply similar sounding tracks. I did a little research ? Listening to his music, I thought Brick In Yo Face was a joke or like a parody of some sort. The more I looked, the more I found. Not only was the video trending on World Star, but sports casters, IG users and even the Miami Heat start using his song and phrasings. A lot of people are insulting the guy, but rather than doing that why not jump in the passenger seat and make a little money from the trend?  
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