Music Business Tips: How To Get More Music Placements (licensing) Part 1
Music Business Tips: How To Get More Music Placements (licensing) Part 1
Industry Tips
 Apr 11 2020    22:05 PM
Music Business Tips: This is how you get more placements in the music industry (labels/Film/Tv Etc). What I say in this video may rub a few people the wrong way, but to be honest... I don't care. You can't argue with the truth and that's what I'm here to deliver. For those of you looking to make money in this business, you have to cater to the market, you work for the client, not the other way around. The advice in this video not applies to music creators of all genres Hiphop Pop (jpop/kpop) Rock Blues Jazz Edm Whatever you genre of choice. For more music business tips head over to Also make sure you're following the 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge ?  
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